Updatable web sites

CMS means Content Management System. Basically a CMS web site is one where you the client can update the content of the site yourself, without knowing any fancy code or owning extra software packages

Also known as

CMS web sites
Self-managed or Self-maintained web sites

When should I consider using a CMS?

If your site requires frequent updates to images or text content
If your site carries large amounts of content
If you want to update and maintain your web site yourself
If you want other people to contribute to your site

There a many different kinds of CMS, at Webb Designs we use a system that allows users to update their web site via a web based interface so you don't have to learn any new programs to maintain your site, you can log in to our administration page and update your website using your preferred web browser.


Webb Designs will configure and setup your entire website.
Webb Designs will train you how to use your website.

You can add and change the content of you web site at a time most convenient to you.
No on going web maintainence fees

You can maintain a news blog
You can add an events calendar
You can manage an image gallery

You can manage banner ads to help you earn money from your site
Allow visitors to your web site to contribute content or set a variety of access levels so that staff have limited access to designated areas of the site.

Webb Designs also offers support and on going maintainence.


Want to know more? Contact us today, we are happy to have a chat about websites, it's what we know.